Chilliwack Water

Web design for the community of Chilliwack.

The Objective

Chilliwack is fortunate enough to have some of the highest quality drinking water in the world. When the Fraser Health Authority decided to chlorinate many citizens felt it unnecessary. We wanted to provide a site for people to express themselves.

The Outcome

Through collaboration with local groups and artists we were able to help the community create a place where they could share their feelings on this political issue and express themselves. In the end we were able to drive traffic and secure almost 6000 signatures.

User Experience

Beautiful, simple web design provided Chilliwack with the relevant information quickly and easily.

Video Promotion

Amazing video production provided a captivating center point for the project.

Social Integration

Signing the petition was made simple through social media log-in integration with facebook.

Secure Data Collection

Collecting petitions to pass on to the FHA was done securely and backed up daily to ensure no loss of information.

Cinematic Feature

Captivating cinematography adds a new layer to your website. Adding video to your site can increase your conversion rates by 70% or more!

Understanding Chilliwack Water

All our projects represent a compilation of different services. Here is how Chilliwack Water’s breakdown.

The Breakdown

Breaking down a project helps to understand on some level what goes into it. In this project we allocated a portion of our budget towards video production as well as additional time needed for research of the particular issue. Other projects may see substantially larger design or programming budgets.

  • Video Production 20%
  • Design 18%
  • Social Integration 10%
  • Copy and Research 20%
  • Programming 32%


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