The Water Wealth Project

The Objective

With this project we set out to provide the Water Wealth Project with a cohesive brand identity. As an NGO we wanted to provide maximum value for dollar while staying within a strict budget.

The Outcome

The final product resulted in a beautifully unified feel. All of the print media, the website and associated advertising material carried a consistent message that helped people to both identify and engage with the project.

Call to Action

Direct and to the point. Our designs worked to keep potential supporters pointed in the right direction.

Graphic Design

A broad scope of graphic designs created a recognizable brand identity.

The Details

Keeping a cohesive web and print design strategy is a key goal on websites like Water Wealth.

Protect Users

Keeping user information private is of the utmost importance when building a community of supporters.

Eye Catching Design

Eye catching print media can provide a cohesive identity for your brand and provide increased traffic for your website.

Understanding The Water Wealth Project

Interested in how the work on this project was broken down? Have a look for yourself.

The Breakdown

The Water Wealth Project had a strong focus on reaching the community of Chilliwack. Because of this web design was somewhat secondary to print media. We designed a wide scope of print media from coasters to rack cards to posters and beyond.

  • Print Design 40%
  • Web Design 15%
  • Information Architecture 10%
  • Copy and Research 20%
  • Programming 15%


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